1. See your ONIX Rendered 

  Seeing what's really in your ONIX is the first step toward smarter ONIX 

Drop your ONIX in an FTP directory and see it rendered by the BiblioMeta engine. Every title is indexed and collected by series, imprint, author, and subject. Each book has its own page with all of the metadata for the book record. Then, you and your colleagues can visualize your entire ONIX feed. From within your ONIX Review Site, each ONIX record is accessible via its own URL, making it available for production and integration within your company’s workflow.

2. Use your ONIX on your web site

Run your website and catalog production with the same ONIX metadata sent to your vendors

Embed active ONIX records into your web site on-the-fly. The BiblioMeta Engine transforms ONIX into HTML or JSON, which can then be used to populate the pages of your public website. The BiblioMeta API allows all the metadata from your ONIX feed to be embedded directly, without a database or additional software, regardless of your current CMS or e-commerce solution.

When a publisher embeds their ONIX metadata on their own site

3. ONIX iPhone Catalogs

Turn your current ONIX feed into your own branded iPhone app

Our new iPhone app is a native iOS client for the BiblioMeta API.  Once a copy of your ONIX is loaded into our API platform, we can provide a custom branded app that presents your full catalog and provides purcahse options that you control.

Download our first implentation of the app today from App Store.

Latest Updates

Case Study: BiblioMeta creates an ONIX-enabled website for Agate Publishing

Chicago/San Francisco - Doug Seibold, President of Agate Publishing, is a hands-on kind of publisher who thinks a lot about efficiency—simplifying processes in order to improve global quality. Nonetheless, he worried for years about the obvious inefficiencies in his metadata workflow before asking BiblioMeta to help find a way to eliminate redundancy and increase productivity. We solved their problem by supplying technology to utilize the same ONIX already being supplied to the marketplace.

Like many publishers, Agate’s distributor manages a centralized copy of metadata for all of their own client publishers. It’s the distributor’s role to validate and aggregate the metadata, turn it into ONIX, and assure that it’s delivered to vendors. This arrangement gets the metadata to third parties, but left Seibold wondering why he couldn’t use the same ONIX feed for his own web and print production needs. Here’s how he explained the problem to us:

“There’s redundant effort involved in creating content both for our own website and for our distributor. It became apparent that we had to shoulder a lot of needless extra effort by having to administer these two similar-but-slightly-different sets of metadata content. Why can’t we use our ONIX feed to populate our website with metadata?”
— D. Seibold, President, Agate Publishing
Why not, indeed! Like Agate, nearly all publishers already have an ONIX feed and a website. By creating a cloud platform that transforms existing ONIX feeds into JSON & HTML, with an API for embedding the metadata through any CMS, we’d not only solve Agate’s redundancy problem, we’d create a solution for every publisher facing the same issue.

More specifically, when ONIX gets sent to Agate’s vendors, the BiblioMeta platform also receives a copy, which it processes as if it were a read-only database. The data set is transformed and the metadata displayed as an ONIX Proofing Site. Simultaneously, the BiblioMeta engine provides the embedding codes that provide API access for Agate’s Squarespace-hosted website and shopping cart. The result is a kind of magical transmutation of ONIX metadata into live website pages, which are updated automatically whenever there’s a new ONIX feed.

The new dataflow for Agate's metadata looks like this:

The BiblioMeta Platform generalizes this process, transforming any ONIX file and producing embed codes for any CMS. Agate could have chosen WordPress, Shopify or Drupal, it wouldn’t matter, because the BiblioMeta API will work with any CMS and shopping cart.

“The big upside for Agate in creating our site this way,” says Seibold, “is that now we simply have to produce and oversee one set of metadata, and our own site is populated from that. Not only does it streamline the effort involved, but it also results in less potential inconsistency in the metadata that appears in various places.”
The launch of their ONIX-enabled website has also brought a change in the way Agate’s staff work with their metadata. Now, each web-page displays actual up-to-date data that can only be changed by going back to the initial source of the ONIX. As a result, everyone is working directly with the ONIX and every page view becomes part of an ongoing ONIX verification & enrichment process simply by default.

For Agate, they have a new site to highlight their books, a better shopping experience for their customers, and a streamlined metadata workflow. Seibold and the Agate team are able to focus on the accuracy and quality of their ONIX feed knowing that the changes and corrections they make won’t cause data inconsistencies. “Finding a way to do exactly what BiblioMeta is now doing for us has given us a real leap forward,” concludes the Chicago-based publisher.

About BiblioMeta
The BiblioMeta platform was created in 2015 by three seasoned publishing technology professionals, in order to provide book publishers and distributors with a convenient and strategic means of seeing and using the ONIX they already have.  Based in San Francisco with a co-founder in the New York-area, BiblioMeta is actively seeking publishers and distributors who would like to have a demo of their ONIX within the BiblioMeta cloud platform.  For more information, please contact us.

About Agate
Founded in Chicago in 2003, Agate has five unique imprints: B2 Books, devoted to business-related nonfiction; Bolden Books, which publishes fiction and nonfiction by African-American writers; Surrey Books, founded in 1983 and acquired by Agate in 2006, which is focused on food, nutrition, and entertaining; Midway Books, devoted to Midwestern topics and authors with a particular focus on Chicago; and Agate Digital, devoted to standalone ebooks. Among the authors published by Agate are recent winners of the James Beard, Pulitzer, and National Book Award prizes.

Taking ONIX Metadata from TikTok to Tok Live: Unfiltered Live Streaming with BiblioMeta

In the fast-paced digital age, data management and content distribution have become paramount for businesses looking to stay competitive. Two platforms that have garnered significant attention in recent years are TikTok and Tok Live, albeit for different reasons. TikTok is known for its short-form video content, while Tok Live offers uncensored and unfiltered live streaming experiences. But what if you could harness the power of both platforms to enhance your data management capabilities? Enter BiblioMeta – the bridge that takes ONIX metadata from TikTok to Tok Live, allowing for unfiltered live streaming like never before.

Understanding ONIX Metadata

Before we delve into the exciting world of BiblioMeta, let's quickly grasp what ONIX metadata is. ONIX is a standardized XML-based format used in the publishing industry to convey rich information about books and other publications. It includes details like book titles, authors, ISBNs, cover images, and more. ONIX metadata is crucial for catalog management, e-commerce websites, and distribution to various retailers and platforms.

TikTok and ONIX Integration with BiblioMeta

TikTok, with its massive user base and influence, has emerged as a platform for sharing bite-sized content. But what if you wanted to use TikTok to disseminate information about your publications? BiblioMeta makes it possible.

1. See Your ONIX Rendered on TikTok: With BiblioMeta, you can easily see your ONIX metadata rendered on TikTok. Simply drop your ONIX data into an FTP directory, and BiblioMeta's engine takes care of the rest. Every book title, indexed and collected by series, imprint, author, and subject, gets its own page with all the necessary metadata. This allows you and your colleagues to visualize your entire ONIX feed, bringing your catalog to life on TikTok.

2. Use Your ONIX on Your TikTok Videos: BiblioMeta's engine transforms ONIX into HTML or JSON, making it ideal for populating the pages of your TikTok videos. Whether you're promoting new releases, author interviews, or book trailers, your TikTok audience can access all the relevant book information with ease.

Tok Live: Where Unfiltered Live Streaming Meets ONIX

Now that your ONIX metadata is thriving on TikTok, it's time to explore the uncharted territory of Tok Live. Tok Live is a platform renowned for its unfiltered and uncensored live streaming experiences. It's an ideal space for publishers and authors to engage directly with their audience, conduct live book launches, Q&A sessions, and more.

1. ONIX iPhone Catalogs: BiblioMeta offers an iPhone app that turns your ONIX feed into a custom-branded iPhone app. Once your ONIX data is loaded into BiblioMeta's API platform, you can provide your audience with a tailored app showcasing your entire catalog. You have full control over the presentation and purchase options, making it a powerful tool for connecting with your readers.

2. Seamless Integration with Tok Live: By integrating BiblioMeta's ONIX metadata with Tok Live, you can take your live streaming to the next level. Share live updates about upcoming releases, discuss your favorite books, and engage in real-time conversations with your audience. Tok Live becomes a hub for all things related to your publications.

Get Started with BiblioMeta

Ready to unlock the potential of TikTok and Tok Live for your publishing endeavors? Contact BiblioMeta today at (415) 484-6711 or send an email to [email protected]. Their expert team will guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating your ONIX metadata into these platforms, allowing you to leverage the power of unfiltered live streaming and short-form content to boost your publishing efforts.

In a world where digital engagement is king, BiblioMeta is your trusted partner for taking ONIX metadata from TikTok to Tok Live, ensuring your publications reach wider audiences and enjoy the spotlight they deserve. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to revolutionize your publishing strategy.

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